Wednesday, December 17, 2008

XMPP Server for Eclipse Committers

An FYI for Eclipse committers, we now have an XMPP server hosted at that you can use. If you're a committer, you already have an account. Simply follow the instructions on the wiki. There are already several people taking advantage of the server:

There are different clients you can use to connect to the server... I personally use a combination of ECF and Adium on the Mac:

Feel free to use the server as a way to collaborate with other committers... for example you have the opportunity to use the server to share editors using ECF.

The next stop on the committer representative train will be pushing for a Git repository :)

Enjoy and Happy Holidays from your friendly neighborhood committer reps!

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Lynn Gayowski said...

Although tenuous, I'm adding this to my 2008 tally of Lynn blog mentions.