Friday, September 18, 2009

September Eclipse Board Meeting

Rather than my usual tome, here's a quick update from the Eclipse Board meeting in Boston.

First, the Board voted unanimously to allow jGit to use EDL licensing. jGit is a dependent component of the eGit project. By approving this license, the entire Eclipse tooling stack for git support can now live at Eclipse as a project. This is great news. Vive le git! Or is that "too le git to quit?"

Second, project plans for next year are due. Wayne's blog covers the details much better than I can. Project plans are an essential tool for communicating to the world what you are doing, and from now on, projects won't pass reviews without them. Please work with your PMC on getting your plans together.

The other stuff we covered was the usual: KPI's, operations, money, and the beginnings of a strategic plan for next year. I'll let Mike comment on that.