Saturday, September 22, 2007

IP Process Update: IPZilla Improvements

The Eclipse foundation staff, the Eclipse board and your humble committer representatives have been hard at work improving the tools and interactions that implement parts of the Eclipse intellectual property (IP) process.

An IP Process working group has been tasked by the board to suggest and follow the changes being made by the Eclipse foundation staff.

The current set of improvements being worked on:

  • a portal based contribution questionnaire that will drive a simplified workflow for committers to submit an IP contribution questionnaire (CQ) into IPZilla.

  • quick action buttons to do the work for you for common workflows.

  • Automatic code scanning with a keyword scan tool...looking for those pesky swear words, derogatory comments and "problem" indicator words.

  • IPZilla now has project incubation status indicated in the request as well as some helpful canned work queue queries. The little egg is everywhere!

Other improvements that are planned in the shorter term include more workflow improvements, better emails (unique style and better wording) as well as reminder emails when progress has been halted on a specific CQ awaiting input.

Long term we can hope to see an implementation of an attachment / JAR scanner to really help the committer understand what kind of crazy nested hierarchy is in that JAR file.
Also planned is the automatic notification of projects that have requested usage of a JAR when a new version of the JAR has been approved for general usage. We can also hope to see the real requester of the CQ displayed in IPZilla.

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