Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Howdy Committers!

Hello Eclipse Committers (and community!), this is the inaugural post on the new committer representative blog. There are five newly elected committer representatives this year:
To start things off this term with the theme of open communication, the committer representatives have decided to do two things:
  • Create a blog to keep committers aware of our activities this year.
  • Create a newsgroup to facilitate discussion amongst committers and committer representatives. This newsgroup is meant for committers only and is open to the public for the purpose of transparency. The committer representatives plan to use this newsgroup as a way to work with committers to see what they desire or how they feel about a particular issue. A good example of an issue would be what to do with committer status? Should there be fine guidelines of when a committer would lose commit rights due to inactivity? Should there be different levels of so called committership? This is just an idea but we encourage committers to post their concerns regarding various issues.
In the end, we look forward to working with the committers this year in an open and transparent way. We're all ears ;)


Eugene Kuleshov said...

Chris, can you please explain what committer representatives can actually do and what kind of activities should we expect from you all?

Chris Aniszczyk (zx) said...

We will have a future post that addresses your concerns in a bit.

Jeff McAffer said...

see my post